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Our services to the community include many ministries which conform to the standards of genuine and Christ centered Christianity. These include Amazing Facts [Doug Batchelor], Abundant Living, Between The Lines, Bible Answers, Breath of Life, By My Spirit, Central Study Hour, CHIP Health, Classic Radio Sermons, Discover Prophecy, White Horse Media, Faith Chapel, It Is Written, Kids Time, Voice Of Prophecy, Wonderfully made, Story Hour and many more....

Hope Radio uses modern contemporary music and is more community oriented in its broadcasting. The Hope radio/TV channel is available in Australia and New Zealand via and the internet. The internet link has not been given to us.

Our History

When radio FM licenses were first offered in Australia, Adventist journalist Phil Ward purchased 22 of them thinking that our church would like to have them. Phil must have been disappointed because our church had a dislike for independent ministries and only 3ABN [3 Angel's broadcasting network] from the USA had feed for us via satellite.

Another Phil came on the scene. Phil Smith a qualified and experienced radio guru who had worked for AWR [Adventist World Radio] returned to Down Under and worked for UCB [United Christian Broadcasters] for a while where he got the idea of buying LPON [Low Power Narrowcast] licenses and installing them on the churches where ever possible. Phil had many rejections, but was very successful in persuading conference officers and laymen to take on the challenges. In the end, Phil left Brisbane and went to Perth Western Australia where he now operates his own studio. When Phil left Brisbane, he handed over the big camp radio over to Rolf Vaessen who then founded ARA and registered the name Adventist Radio in the churches behalf. Then he made this website to promote radio and be a resource. Phil also started to collect info and put them into Google maps. Rolf has been updating Google maps ever since as new licenses were added and you can view them in our 'contact' page where you'll find the link. to co-ordinate all stations and radio ministries within the Adventist church.

What are we trying to achieve with our radio stations? Are we trying to spread the Gospel or just wanting to have fun with radio? Are we trying to reach those in our communities who have no desire for truth, or those who are searching but not finding the truth anywhere else they look? Will God be pleased with a mediocre message, watered down with the things of the world, including worldly music, so as not to “offend” people? Or with His message proclaimed in such as way as to edify the soul and instruct seekers for truth in the way of righteousness?

One of the things that makes the difference is how the truth is presented. On 3ABN the speakers present the messages of the Bible as just that – what the Bible says, not what man says – with love and concern for the souls who are listening, allowing the Holy Spirit to work on the hearts. This is important in getting the truth over to people. If it is given harshly, hitting people over the head, as the dogma of man, it cannot be used by the Holy Spirit. 3ABN aims to give the trumpet a “certain sound” but in a way that will attract listeners to God - by emphasizing God’s incredible love for us. 3ABN is not in the entertainment business. The Gospel should never be used to entertain people. If we are doing that we are not doing God’s work.

Please remember that Paul did not win everyone he presented the Gospel to. Many times he was harassed and even followed from place to place by those opposed to the preaching of Jesus as the Christ. We should not be surprised if some will not accept God’s messages through radio (or TV) and even that we would be persecuted and misunderstood while presenting the truth. That is not our worry. Our job is to do the work and leave the results to God. He will make sure the earnest seeker for truth tunes in at the right time. Our job is to make sure we are getting the message out there, without compromising with the world. Paul never compromised in that way and we shouldn’t either.

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